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We are supplier of table tops, walls and window frames and all kinds of surfaces, consisting of natural stone, including Granite, Marble, Ceramics, Quartz and Onyx.

In our unique range, we have stone that suits everyone. Only imagination sets the limits for what we can do. We help you from advice and design to ready-made product.

We offer natural stone like Granite, Marble and Onyx. In addition to natural stone, we have Quartz stone and ceramics.

We love nature's colors and expressions, as each stone is unique. The stone is only available in one copy.

Nature offers us a product that can change color and patterns exactly as we love it. But it also implies a responsibility in the choice of stone.

A choice to be taken with great reflection and respect for what nature offers. In return, you get a product that is durable and resistant over time, completely without chemical methods.



We are passionate about our craftsmanship. We have state-of-the-art machines for all parts of the machining process. We have fully automated machines and perform handmade details.

We draw production drawings for all our projects and are convinced that planning is the basis for a perfect result.

Sustainability and respect for natural materials is important to us. Our stones are extracted from different parts of the world and we always inform about the stone's origin. When the stone is extracted, it gets a unique ID number.

The ID number follows throughout our process of processing. This is a guarantee and guarantee for the end customer. Then there is also the possibility of completing an order of stone from the same cut-off date.

We offer our products for both private and business. The basis for our business is project sales to companies and partners. For private, we offer our products and services through our partners. In this concept we are nationwide in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.



All types of stones have different properties with regard to the resistance of stains, scratches and heat. With the right choice, you get a durable and lightweight surface that requires minimal maintenance. Choose the rock that suits you.

Granite is a very durable and durable natural stone that is most suitable for a table top. Granite has good properties for spot, scratch and heat resistance. It has high tolerance for acidic foods like wine, juice, fruit juice, etc.

Marble is a natural stone, which is a popular choice for table tops. But it has properties that are less suitable for this purpose, compared with granite. Marble is a more porous material and requires maintenance. It is sensitive to acidic foods that leave stains if not dried in time. We supply all marble panels treated for extra protection against stains.

Ceramics are a fairly new material compared to other natural stones when it comes to table tops. Ceramics have excellent properties when it comes to spot, scratch and heat resistance. The stone is available in very thin slices, giving a modern and stylish look to your kitchen.

Quartz stone, also called quartz composite, is made of quartz crystals, which is an extremely hard natural material and is very suitable for a table top. Quartz printers do not change their appearance over time and are available in different colors and patterns.

Onyx is our most exclusive natural stone. Onyx is a form of marble that occurs in calcareous water. Most of our Onyx stones are permeable to light, which can cause severe effects. Onyx can be used as a tabletop, but is best suited for the production of ornaments and interior details or as a work of art on the wall.

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With our large selection, we will inspire new ideas and our goal is to cater for our customers' needs. Our view is that the stone is best experienced in reality and not through pictures.

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Address: Turning Torso, Lilla Varvsgatan 14, 211 15 Malmö, Sweden


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